by Charles
Visitors at the Lebanon Market in line for their Caricature drawing
             Here is an opportunity to
        offer your visitors the fun and
enjoyment of Caricature Entertainment.

Call or Email for more information.               717 - 435 - 0128
Caricature Fun for the young at heart.
​Caricatures drawn for the       benefit and support of 

America's Disabled Veterans
The Paralyzed Veterans of America
Planning a special event?   
Community Event, Craft Show, Holiday.
Invite a Caricature Artist to draw      FREE caricatures at your show.
Children waiting their turn at The Flower and Home Market
Charles will draw Caricatures FREE
for your visitors. (They will love you for this)

Only voluntary donations are accepted
for our disabled veterans who have given
so much for our country.

Caricatures with a Cartoon twist.

Thank You for your       kind consideration.

Children love 
Cartoon Caricatures !

Charles Ploppert, Caricature Artist
Air Force Veteran

Waiving the fee for space would be your contribution to this charitable cause and will be appreciated by the
PVA and the visitors who receive FREE Caricatures.

(No donation required for drawing)
Your  Families Best Friend.  Drawn in Caricature or Realistic